European company moves to consolidate Italian presence

Zytech Solar, the Spanish producer of high-quality photovoltaic modules at competitive prices, recently opened its Italian headquarters in Milan. Zytech has been present in this market for two years and has an office in Milan staffed by a specialist sales team.

The new Italian affiliate’s offices are located at Piazza de Repubblica, 19 in Milan, and it is from here that it offers its sales and technical consulting services. Zytech’s goal in Italy is to consolidate its business presence in this photovoltaic market, which combines legislation offering solar photovoltaic energy incentives with excellent solar radiation levels. In Italy, Zytech offers all of its solar photovoltaic energy solutions for ground (solar farms), industrial roof, agricultural and residential installations, as well as special modules for building integration (BIPV).

During the two years in which Zytech has been present in Italy, over 4 MW of photovoltaic installations have been performed with Zytech modules, including a 1 MW solar farm in Sicily, a number of installations on industrial roofs and residential installations. Zytech Solar aims to sell 8 MW in 2011.

One of the main added values of Zytech Solar products, in addition to their excellent value for money, is that they can be applied to all types of installation and are extremely versatile in adapting to specific requirements, due to the company’s highly flexible productive structure.

Zytech Solar has focussed its business activity on the main world markets (Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the United States…) after the significant subsidy cuts and power caps in Spain. Italy currently comprises one of the main world markets for solar photovoltaic energy, alongside Germany and France.

Modules with the best value for money and after-sales service

Zytech photovoltaic modules are extremely efficient and robust and offer excellent value for money. They can be used in both off-grid and grid-connected systems and on photovoltaic farms, industrial roofs, for building integration and domestic installations. This quality has been recognised by hundreds of customers looking to create installations with a reliable and long-lasting product, which allows for the fastest and safest return on investment. This is why the company uses the slogan “European quality, best prices”.
Zytech provides the added value of technical consulting for all of its customers and installers and offers a fast and effective after-sales service.

Zytech Solar

Zytech Solar, with headquarters in Spain and affiliates in Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, the United States and China, is a company renowned for manufacturing photovoltaic modules. A constant obsession for quality and a thirst for technical innovation through its R&D department allows it to guarantee long-lasting and highly-efficient products and systems.

Zytech Group

Zytech Solar forms part of the Zytech Group, a Spanish group of companies composed of affiliates from around the world which produce photovoltaic modules, building integration photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, off-grid photovoltaic systems, mini wind turbines (with the acquisition of the Lakota factory in the United States), solar streetlamps, solar thermal energy equipment and electric vehicles (through the company Zytel Automoción).

As part of its diversification strategy in the renewable energy and sustainable transport sectors, Zytech allocates significant resources to research and development for high- and low-concentration photovoltaics and approval for an electric vehicle with zero CO2 emissions.