Photovoltaics Modules

Solar Panels: High quality, top performance and reliable

Zytech Solar offers monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. The silicon cells are procured from the worlds top suppliers. The cell efficiency s is from 14.5% to 17.52% in monocrystalline solar panels and 13% to 18,5 % in polycrystalline solar panels. The highest levels of efficiency, reliability and stability are given by cells made of poly- and monocrystaline silicons.

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The Zytech Solar photovoltaic modules are characterized by their efficiency, reliability and robustness. We have adapted to different markets with maximum flexibility in the powers, for all types of projects:

ON-grid-connected installations: solar photovoltaic farms; photovoltaic installations on industrial, commercial, agricultural and livestock roofs; domestic installations; building integrated installations.

OFF-grid installations: perfect solution in almost any location, whether on boats, land vehicles, rural areas, the desert or mountain areas.

Hybrid: several types of systems, such as solar pumping, solar street lighting, etc.

Módulos Monocristalinos Zytech Zytech Solar Monocrystaline Modules

The aesthetic, black surface of Zytech Monocrystaline cells makes them the optimal solution in many instances. The efficiency of our modules goes from 12.5% to over 15%.

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Módulos Policristalinos ZytechZytech Solar Polycristaline Modules

Zytech polycristalline modules are characterized by a uniform shimmering blue surface and are optimal for use in grid-connected systems. All modules are optimally adjusted to meet the needs of the current market and they have installation-friendly dimensions, are stable, efficient and cleanly processed.

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